I have phimosis and its compatibility

Phimosis is a disorder that significantly affects the sexual activity. However, as it is manifested and how to deal with it, don't really know that much. You have to understand that.


So, what is phimosis? Under the phimosis refers to a narrowed foreskin of the penis, because of its structure, does not allow you to open the head of the penis, or the cause of pain, and when it will be opened.

With any degree of phimosis, is it possible for a normal sex life?

To find out whether you can have sex with phimosis, mainly you want the young people who have never had sexual intercourse. Depending on the condition of the patient, there are a couple of degrees of phimosis in one way or another have an influence on the quality of his daily life, such as:

  1. Phimosis in the first instance. The head of the penis and can be laid out in a relaxed state, however, that in order to make her stand needed to be made to a particular, sometimes quite a small effort.
  2. Phimosis in the second degree. You are at the head of the penis it is possible only in a relaxed state.
  3. Phimosis in the third degree. The head of the penis is exposed even in a relaxed state, and if set, the nude, is under the influence of a serious effort.
  4. Phimosis, from the fourth grade. The head of the penis is hidden, difficult to urinate.

However, even a small degree of the above mentioned diseases can be influenced, then what would be the sex life of the people, because of pain during erection, which gives rise to the reflex, and the reduction of sexual weakness.

What negative effects can occur if you have sex with phimosis?

Of course, anyone who is the first to be found in phimosis, the thought of how this disease will affect his sexual activity. Please, in the answer to this question is simply nothing.

Phimosis and sex

Phimosis has a very negative impact on the sexual life of the people.

All of the problems in the bedroom, which is a consequence of the disease, are shown below.

  • First of all, the problems with the exposure of the glans during sex cause the sperm, and the women in secret, large amounts are excreted in the course of sexual intercourse, delayed preputial area of the penis, which, in turn, causes the development of infections of the male genitourinary system.
  • Secondly, sexual intercourse with phimosis carry enough of the pain caused by the following. During the time of the erection of the penis can increase its size by about 50%. Of course, excessive tension on the foreskin and in this case, it causes the feeling of pain, the strength of which depends on the severity of the phimosis. In addition, the belt movement during the sex, wearing a reciprocating nature, in most of the cases, followed by micro-tears, tightness of the foreskin, which causes more pain and bleeding. On top of that, in the future, the situation may get out of hand, which in essence, makes the sex-life of people to hell, and ends up with a psychological sexual dysfunction.
  • A third, the wounded foreskin is to open a gateway to the serious of the infections indulging sexually, for example, so that it is possible to become infected with the hepatitis b or C virus, HIV and many other diseases. In healthy men, the risk of Contracting it less.
  • Fourth, the phimosis can reduce the sensitivity of the penis which is caused by the limited sliding of the foreskin on the head, and, as a result of the lack of stimulation of the erogenous zones. Thus, the achievement of orgasm in men who suffer from phimosis it is very problematic.
  • Fifth, the phimosis can cause infertility in men carries a physiological or mechanical in nature.
  • Sixth, frequently occurring infections of the urogenital system accompanying phimosis, to have a negative impact on the viability and motility of the sperm.
  • The seventh, a phimosis can lead to paraphimosis during intercourse, which consists in pinching the glans narrowed foreskin and requires immediate medical intervention.

How does phimosis the health of your partner?

It would seem that the phimosis causing problems for the men, however, a significant number of pathogenic micro-organisms, accumulate in the phimosis, in prepucialna space, it can cause a massive infection of the genitourinary system in women.


How can you have sex during this?

I think that the phimosis will not have an effect? And the pain has gone, and you will reach an orgasm? And for a good reason. Despite the apparent lack of severity of the disease, having sex with phimosis, it is desirable, according to certain rather simple rules.

  1. Carry out a thorough hygiene care, both before and after the sexual intercourse. This will reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  2. Prepare your penis for retraction, which must be very slowly and carefully, for example, cool it with ice.
  3. Try to increase the sensitivity of the penis with the aid of a lubricant.
  4. Use a condom, it will protect both you and your partner from an infection in the body through microtrauma to the foreskin.

When to call the doctor and seek treatment for phimosis?

In spite of the fact that a lot of men live with the disease without experiencing any specific problems, in some cases, phimosis requires immediate medical intervention.

Anxiety symptoms in this case are:

  • weight gain or the inability outcrops glans penis;
  • the trouble with the toilet, namely, the accumulation of urine in the cavity of the foreskin and its subsequent discharge in a thin stream or drops;
  • painful erection;
  • the different types of the inflammatory reaction, a discharge of a purulent character, the increase of all the lymph nodes, an increase in the temperature of the body;
  • acute pain in the glans penis, it is blue;
  • phimosis the 3-rd and 4-th degree, it not only significantly reduces the quality of the sex life of a man, but it is also fraught with risk, from complications of paraphimosis and balanoposthitis.
The treatment of the phimosis

The treatment of phimosis, depending on its severity, it can be accomplished in several ways:

  • stretching by the stretching or Masturbation;
  • corticosteroidlike ointment;
  • surgical intervention – namely, a full or partial circumcision.

The above-mentioned methods will enable you to get rid of phimosis and all of the problems.

As you can see, the sex and the phimosis of them are quite compatible, however, do this disease, it is still not worth it.

Be aware of the precautions that are described in the article. Follow good hygiene, and at the very least of the problem, contact your doctor. Only in this way, you will be able to live a full and vibrant life!